It hits hard and fast and information is your power!

Our mission is to empower people diagnosed with cancer, and the ones they love, by sharing information and experiences, to help them find their own voice and feel less alone through their journey.

To find vital information and stories that could help make your cancer journey easier to navigate, check out our blog, community resources and survivor stories.


Michelle blogs about her experience while navigating her own cancer journey to help raise awareness of the challenges of treatment and beyond. In doing so, Michelle highlights the responsibilities of patients in their own care, and empowers them to hold others accountable as well.

Community Support

Whether it be peer support, financial support, physical exercise support or even help caring for children during treatment, there are hundreds of organizations across Canada that can help. However, finding them is not always easy. Click here to peruse a number of community resources available across Canada.

Survivor Stories

There is something comforting about reading the stories of others just like you. It reminds us we are not alone. Explore our survivor stories and even reach out to our writers for support.

We would LOVE to read your story! If you would like to share, please reach out to us in our Contact Me page!