Looking for the Best Wine to Pair with Calculating Medical Expenses?

When I was diagnosed with cancer, the absolute furthest thing from my mind was income taxes. Unfortunately, the reality is, sick or not, you owe the government a tax return. Read more to learn about the implications of being sick and paying taxes, and some tips on how to get through it unscathed.

A Call to Action: Injecting Humanity Into Healthcare

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, my oncologist finished with, ‘the prognosis for survival is 90%…as long as you make it through the next 10 days’. What I had just learned was inconceivable no matter how hard I tried to process it. The only thing I could do to prevent myself from going off the deep end was take things one step at a time. Even if that meant one minute to the next. Based on the, ‘as long as you make it though the next 10 days’ part, it was very clear what my first goal would be; live through the next 10 days.