Cannabis You Say? No Thanks, I Don’t Use Drugs

Imagine spending the vast majority of your adult life with an utter disdain for the one thing that may ease your chemotherapy side effects; Cannabis.
In this article, we explore my past relationship with cannabis, getting over biases and explore the medicinal use of CBD oil and all I’ve learned about it so far.
Included are also some links to information related to tax deductions, ‘Compassionate Pricing’, what’s happening with insurance providers and the Michael G. DeGroote Cannabis Research program at McMaster University.

Canadian Cancer Society’s Awards of Excellence in Cancer Research

The Changing Face of Cancer Care in Canada Since 1993, Canadian Cancer Society has been honouring exceptional Canadian scientists with peer nominated awards annually.  These scientists are recognized for their significant contributions to cancer research and cancer control.  On Wednesday November 21, 2018, the annual ceremony was held at the CIBC Head Office building inContinue reading “Canadian Cancer Society’s Awards of Excellence in Cancer Research”