Environmental Dangers: Social and Political Influences and Diet

When we are dealing with disease, it is very safe to say diet plays a big role.  Whether that be in how we got sick or how we get and stay healthy again, a healthy diet is synonymous with a healthy body.  Therefore, especially when we have a scare, we may be inclined to makeContinue reading “Environmental Dangers: Social and Political Influences and Diet”

Holy Diet Challenge Batman!

Diet is a really tough topic.  Period.  Whether you’re battling cancer or not, navigating the plethora of information out there about what is healthy and what is not is overwhelming.  If we consider all the fad diets that come and go, it’s clear that this is a never ending exploration with unlimited differences of opinions.  After my diagnosis, one hour to the next, I could get different suggestions from nurses, doctors, dieticians, friends, family members, random strangers, about what I should be eating.  I can recall being told, in the same day, McDonald’s would be healthier for me than a deli meat sandwich from Tim Horton’s.  Another day, I was told that if I was having a hard time getting enough calories in a day, I should add chocolate milk to my protein shakes and eat ice cream.  Holy sugar Batman!
I think the absolute best advice I received during treatment was, ‘Don’t bother making big changes to your diet right now’.