The Future is Bright

The future is bright! This is what I have told myself over the last year every time I have dragged myself out of the pit of darkness, enough to reach up and brush my fingers against the warmth of hope. I have had to frequently remind myself that hope still exists because I couldn’t tolerateContinue reading “The Future is Bright”

Gambling with Human Chips in the Covid Era

Imagine a lone potential criminal debating murder openly – and it’s an acceptable open debate. A random, innocent person who did nothing to inflame someone enough to elicit such a contemplation who has to listen to their potential attacker debate whether they should go through with their heinous, unthinkable act. Whether the attempt was made or not, the fact is that the potential victim is already aware that someone wants to do them harm. Such an experience could lead to a lifetime of looking over ones shoulder, waiting for them to change their mind. It could be the end of their feeling of safety in the world.
I spent days incredulous, trying to make sense of the senseless. I knew that even sympathizers could not truly understand what I was feeling. I had to do something about it.