Survivor’s Guilt and “Noel”

Another article written about survivors guilt. So similar to my own experience. We can empathize and feel compassion for the less fortunate but we do deserve to be here. We’ve been through hell. We fought to be here and call it luck of the draw, we got another crack at this thing called life…we do deserve it. I vow to make it worth it too.

Frantic Shanti

After posting about missing the “downtime” of chemotherapy, I need to talk about how much of a privilege to be here writing that. I get to reminisce about the positives of being allowed to have no other job but to rest and recover.

Sometimes I complain about chemo brain, sometimes I wonder why *I* got cancer when those who take worse care of themselves seem to get off scott-free. I’ve left the initial fears about death behind me. Yes, my cancer may come back, but right now I’m in a good place with a good prognosis. My reality is that I will be able to enjoy this holiday season and focus on being with family, feeling physically healthy and “normal” again.

I have friends who are currently going through treatment. And you can bet that they would give anything to not have to be there, in the same way…

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How Cancer Healed My Relationship

Dealing with a cancer (or any other significant medical) diagnosis will bring both physical and emotional challenges.  Emotions run high, tempers flare, some withdraw and shut down and it can be devastating to careers and finances.  According to Michael J. Glantz in an article written by WebMD, this is especially true if you are a... Continue Reading →

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