The Road to Courageous Living – Official Launch

It’s here! It’s here! Today is an exciting day. My very first non-fiction book, The Road to Courageous Living: Learning Audacious Self-Love and the Skills to Harness Personal Success, has officially launched on Amazon and Kindle!!!

I have spent significant time in reflection over the last few weeks as I prepared for this awesome day, and while I’ve spent the vast majority of my life in self-doubt or self-denial, today I am beyond proud of myself. On the single hardest day of my life, I promised myself that I would do this. And here we are.

I think about who I was when I made that promise and who I have become nearly five years later and, at times, I can barely even recognize who I was then. That version of me was afraid of the world. Afraid of truly being seen. Afraid of being judged or rejected by the world because, for some strange reason, she believed that if she didn’t meet a specific set of criteria that would in some way diminish her value – her lovability. So she kept her head down, beat herself up for not meeting all those criteria, and felt trapped and miserable to be living a life that did not represent who she truly was. She believed she could fade into the background and blend with the crowd. Safety.

Except she wasn’t safe and she had never been. Forcing herself down into her deepest depths to satisfy the societal expectations she believed the world had of her made her more vulnerable than she ever could have imagined. All it took was for the wrong person to say the right thing to create a sense of security – a simple meaningless gesture to create the illusion of safety that invited her to hang her hat up and just be herself for a moment. Except self-doubt, self-denial and a reliance on the world to validate her meant that those she attracted were those who sought to take advantage of her. Create the illusion of safety. And for what? To be abused, to be taken advantage of, to experience trauma after trauma. To be laying in a hospital bed watching the half-lived life flash before her eyes only to realize how much living she had actually missed out on.

Five years later, I can no longer relate to her. But I empathize with her. I clearly recall what it was like to live with never knowing if I was making the right decision, or if I could trust my own judgement. I remember the fear that drove me to desperately hide who I was from the world, but now looking back, I can say with confidence that one of the best lessons I’ve learned is that the more we hide, the more we have to fear. I love that old version of myself because she is who made me. I can now stand tall in my own personal power and appreciate all of the unique things that make me who I am. And who I am is someone who has learned to love herself so audaciously that despite a lifetime of vile whispers of self-hate, now walks the path in pursuit of shameless authenticity, self-healing, accountability and courage to manifest dreams that I could never have imagined five years ago.

I am so excited to share with you the stories of how I learned to love myself deeply, despite my flaws and the learning that I still need to do, and will no doubt do for the rest of my life! I hope you will celebrate this special triumph by picking up your copy of, The Road to Courageous Living, and walking with me through lifes lessons and triumphs to learn more about how you too, can learn the skills to live the life you’ve never imagined possible.

The Road to Courageous Living: Learning Audacious Self-Love and the Skills to Harness Personal Success
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Published by Michelle Burleigh

Michelle is a highly driven, ambitious woman who gratefully possesses a love of learning and a passion for personal growth which support her ongoing healing and career growth. As a mother of two incredible young girls, a wife, and a patient advocate, and most recently, an author, she has not allowed her December 2017 diagnosis of Acute Leukemia stop her from making and achieving goals. She felt compelled to start to help people and their loved ones feel more empowered and informed throughout their own healing journey.

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